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Freehand DEX Dynamic Extension Elbow Brace, Small/Medium - Item #081541325

Freehand DEX Dynamic Extension Elbow Brace, Small/Medium - Item #081541325
Freehand DEX Dynamic Extension Elbow Brace, Small/Medium - Item #081541325

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Model: IT-081541325
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This is only for the "Freehand DEX Dynamic Extension Elbow Brace, Small/Medium." This item may differ from the image shown. It may contain different f


HCPCS Code: L3762


Categorization: Orthopedics > Elbow Supports > Elbow Splints > Freehand DEX Dynamic Extension Elbow Brace


Allows the wearer to temporarily flex the elbow with minimal restriction, and provides resistance for gentle biceps strengthening. DEX can be used during the day as well as at night. Dynamic extension returns the flexed elbow to the extended position even during sleep. The brace avoids pressure on the ulnar nerve in the cubital tunnel, making it ideal for treatment of cubital tunnel syndrome. The patient enjoys maximum comfort because of the brace’s adjustability, flexibility, light weight, low profile and minimal limb contact. Skin has minimal contact with the brace, allowing for evaporation rather than accumulation of perspiration.
The two sizes of the brace fit arms, elbows and forearms of all lengths and girths. Inventory costs and required storage space are further reduced because the brace fits left and right elbows. Straps are tabbed on both ends to ease self-adjustment. Seven strap configurations through the spring loops allow for an individually customized fit. Once the strap configuration is determined, the brace is easily and quickly applied and removed without further need of fastening or unfastening the straps. Straps are removable for washing. Latex free.

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