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KNF LABOPORT PowerDry Self-Cleaning Vacuum Pumps, Model N820.3FT.40P, Each

KNF LABOPORT PowerDry Self-Cleaning Vacuum Pumps, Model N820.3FT.40P, Each

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Model: N820-3FT-40P
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KNF LABOPORT PowerDry Self-Cleaning Vacuum Pumps, Model N820.3FT.40P, Each


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Electrical: 115V, 60Hz


L x W x H: 32 x 16 x 20 cm (125/8 x 65/16 x 77/8")

Feature 5

Flow Rate: 20 L/min. (0.71 cfm)


These pumps are ideal for use in rotary evaporation, distillation, vacuum oven drying, vacuum concentration, and gel drying. Corrosion-resistant wetted parts made from fluoropolymer resin and Kalrez resin make these pumps appropriate for use with even the most aggressive solvents.
Pumps with a 20L/min. flow rate are ideal for gel drying. Pumps with a 34L/min. flow rate are ideal for vacuum concentration. The 60L/min. pumps are ideal for large scale vacuum concentration.
PowerDry pumps instantly purge condensed vapors and restore end vacuum performance while running. An adjustable electronic timer automatically cycles every few minutes, removing condensed vapors from the pump without disturbing the vacuum process. Keeping the vacuum pump clean and dry leads to shorter processing times, lower maintenance costs, and less downtime.
The 400mL dry ice trap (26678-056) has a glass body and a Plexiglas lid. It is recommended as a pre-trap to collect liquids and reduce processing time when used with pumps in rotary evaporation, distillation, gel drying, vacuum concentration, and vacuum ovens. For maximum efficiency, the dry ice trap should be placed before the pump.

This is only for KNF, Model N820.3FT.40P. It may differ from the image shown in color, features, may be an accessory, etc. Please refer to the model number or contact us if you have any questions.

Feature 6

Vacuum: 7.5 torr (29.6 in. Hg)

Feature 7

Shipping Weight: 9.6 kg (21.2 lbs.)

Feature 8

Categorization: Pumps > Vacuum Rotary Evaporator Pumps > LABOPORT PowerDry Self-Cleaning Vacuum Pumps, KNF Neuberger

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