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ProShield Universal - 7" - 8.5" (18-22cm) - Item #081540616

ProShield Universal - 7" - 8.5" (18-22cm) - Item #081540616
ProShield Universal - 7' - 8.5' (18-22cm) - Item #081540616

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Model: IT-081540616
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This is only for the "7" - 8.5" (18-22cm)." This item may differ from the image shown. It may contain different features, options, color, etc. Please


Categorization: Splinting > Precuts > Forearm Based Precuts > ProShield Universal


Innovation in splinting materials now offers pull form thermoplastic sleeves. ProShield Universals provide the optimal method for simple fabrication of any imaginable cylindrical splint design for the hand, wrist, elbow and even the knee and ankle. Features 100% memory and an elastic, soft splint liner that creates a washable splint and protects the skin from sharp edges. These thermoplastic sleeves come in 12” lengths, and the width is determined by the smallest circumferential aspect of the area being splinted. ProShield has a high degree of stretch-it snuggly forms around the smallest area of the appendage but stretches to accommodate for the largest girth covered by the splint surface. To determine appropriate size, circumferentially measure the smallest area to be splinted, this provides the measurement to select the size. If an overly large size is chosen it will be loose, but an overly small size typically can be stretched.

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