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Tecniplast Rodent Diuresis and Metabolic Cages - Metabolic Cage for Three or More Mice

Tecniplast Rodent Diuresis and Metabolic Cages - Metabolic Cage for Three or More Mice

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Model: 3700M02201CS
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Tecniplast Rodent Diuresis and Metabolic Cages - Metabolic Cage for Three or More Mice, Model 3700M022-01CS, Each


Metabolic Cage for Three or More Mice


This item is sold by the Each


Feeder Opening: 2.4 cm (1")

Feature 5

Floor Area: 320 cm2 (50 in.2)


Unique nonwetting PMP funnel and cone design automatically separates feces and urine for accurate metabolic monitoring without urine wash-over. Exterior collection tubes twist off easily without disturbing the animal. All cage components are fully autoclavable.
The polycarbonate feeder is specially designed to discourage animals from sleeping in the dish. A separate drawer slides under the feeding chamber for quick access and refills. Ideal for slurries, powders, or liquids. For accurate measurement of fluid intake and waste, the stainless steel water bottle support has a graduated spillage collection tube. The two-part polycarbonate cage body cleans easily with soap and water; the lower chamber can be removed without disturbing the cage body. Stainless steel floor supports are supplied with grid openings specific to animal comfort and size.
Mouse kit 10710-501 converts the larger metabolic cages (10710-068, -035, and -126) for use with mice. The collection funnel and separation cone are proportionately smaller to minimize evaporative losses. Kit includes mouse feeder assembly, special grid, and two mouse urine tubes.
Mouse kit 10710-510, used to convert metabolic cages for diuresis only, includes a funnel, shorter lower chamber, and stainless steel screen.
Space-saving stainless steel racks provide support for metabolic cages. Stand 10710-283 supports a single cage on a cart or countertop. Support racks 10710-320 and -325 have swivel casters and hold up to 12 rat/mouse cages.
Ordering Information: Metabolic cages require a single-cage support stand or multi-cage support rack, sold separately.

This is only for Tecniplast Usa, Model 3700M022-01CS. It may differ from the image shown in color, features, may be an accessory, etc. Please refer to the model number or contact us if you have any questions.

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