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Test of Visual-Motor Skills-3 (TVMS-3) - Item #081546696

Test of Visual-Motor Skills-3 (TVMS-3) - Item #081546696
Test of Visual-Motor Skills-3 (TVMS-3) - Item #081546696

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Categorization: Evaluation > Assessments > Fine & Gross Motor > Test of Visual-Motor Skills-3 (TVMS-3)


This brand new revision of the TVMS assesses how well a person can coordinate visually guided fine-motor movements to copy a design. The TVMS-3 is used to determine whether there are any systematic distortions or gross inaccuracies in the copied design that could be the result of deficits in visual perception, motor planning and/or execution.
New to this revision:
  • A simplified scoring system (no ruler or protractor needed).

  • Lower and upper levels have been combined.

  • No alternate scoring method.

  • National norms.

  • Age-range extended to 90.

  • Administration time is 30-45 minutes.

  • Results are expressed as a general accuracy standard score.

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