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TheraTogs ULTRA Wunzi System - Wunzi System Size Medium - Item #81613579

TheraTogs ULTRA Wunzi System - Wunzi System Size Medium - Item #81613579
TheraTogs ULTRA Wunzi System - Wunzi System Size Medium - Item #81613579

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Model: IT-81613579
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Categorization: Orthopedics > Thoracic and Pelvic Supports > TheraTogs > TheraTogs ULTRA Wunzi System


This customized body gug improves trunk alignment and stabilizes the core for those critical infant growth months.
East of Use. The elegant over-the-diaper design goes on in seconds. Closure tabs are embedded right into the cozy foam underside-no loose tabs to keep track of!
Familiar Design = Improved Compliance. Inspired by the standard infant "onsie" clothing, the Wunzi offers caregivers and clinicians a simpler alternative to the two-garment TheraTogs System.
Three Systems in One. The base Wunzi System replaces the infant size of the Posture & Torso Alignment (PTA) System. It contains the core-strengthening Wunzi garment set plus a single TogRite Cross Strap to create most posture and torso alignment strapping applications. Add the Wunzi Limb Kit to address any of the indications previously supported by the infant size Upper or Lower Extremity strapping applications.
Indications for use include: Hypotonia, Diplegic of Hemiplegic Cerebral Palsy, Torticollis, Athetosis, Cerebellar Ataxia, BPI and Developmental Delay.
Measurements for selecting Wunzi size:
Length = Torso Length (in centimeters). Measure down from C-7 (the bib bone at the bottom of the neck) over the diaper and up to the child's navel. Be careful to wrap the tape gently under the diaper.
Waist Size = Belly Girth (in centimeters). Measure the child's belly circumference at the navel.

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