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Vasyli Custom Full Length Insole - Green X-Small - Item #56093303

Vasyli Custom Full Length Insole - Green X-Small - Item #56093303
Vasyli Custom Full Length Insole - Green X-Small - Item #56093303

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Model: IT-56093303
Your Price:$73.51
Retail Price:$75.62
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This is only for the "Green X-Small." This item may differ from the image shown. It may contain different features, options, color, etc. Please refer


HCPCS Code: L3030, L3060


Categorization: Orthopedics > Ankle/Foot Supports > Insoles/Shoe Inserts > Vasyli Custom Orthotics > Vasyli Custom Full Length Insoles


Designed for tailor-made biomechanical alignment. Easily customized with a standard heat gun. Patients enjoy fast, effective relief of symptoms at an inexpensive cost. Latex free.
Green = Soft Density
Ideal for elderly, diabetic and arthritic patients who require special consideration. Patients adapt easily to the mild functional control while the correct biomechanical position is maintained.
Blue = Medium Density
Designed for the “average” patient with general orthotic needs, blue density orthotics provide excellent biomechanical control.
Red = Firm Density
Designed for high performance, this range provides both durability and solid biomechanical control. Red, high performance orthotics are ideal for athletes, high activity users and overweight patients.

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