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Dauerbinde K - 4"(10 cm) - Item #56080003

Dauerbinde K - 4"(10 cm) - Item #56080003
Dauerbinde K - 4'(10 cm) - Item #56080003

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Model: IT-56080003
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This is only for the "4"(10 cm)." This item may differ from the image shown. It may contain different features, options, color, etc. Please refer to t


Categorization: Orthopedics > Compression Products > Lymphedema Products > Dauerbinde K


Long stretch bandages with strong compression and a characteristic firm-grip fabric texture. Due to their long stretch properties, the compressive power of these bandages can be easily adjusted. They are used as support and relief bandages on ligaments and joints. Because of the high resting pressure the bandage must be removed at night or when patient is in a resting position. The Dauerbinde can be fitted easily without much experience in bandaging techniques. Durable, easy-care bandages conform well to body contours and have little tendency to bulk up. 86% cotton/7% polyamide/7% elastane. 7m (stretched length) with bandage clips. Packaged individually in cardboard box. Latex free.

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