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Microzone BioKlone 2 Series, Class II, Type A2 Biological Safety Cabinets - Console, Model BK-2-6

Microzone BioKlone 2 Series, Class II, Type A2 Biological Safety Cabinets - Console, Model BK-2-6
Microzone BioKlone 2 Series, Class II, Type A2 Biological Safety Cabinets - Console, Model BK-2-6

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Model: BK-2-6
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Microzone BioKlone 2 Series, Class II, Type A2 Biological Safety Cabinets - Console, Model BK-2-6, Each




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Exterior Dimensions: 194.3W x 77.8D x 210.8H cm (76 1/2 x 305/8 x 83")

Feature 5

Nominal Width: 1.8 m (6')


These cabinets provide excellent user, product, and environmental protection as defined by the NSF 49. Cabinets are suitable for use in biosafety levels 1, 2, and 3, and other applications where the control of airborne particulates and aerosols is critical. Benchtop models include the cabinet and integral work surface. Console models include the cabinet, integral work surface, and a 66cm (26') high base stand that provides a work surface height of 76.2cm (30'). Exhausted models include a thimble exhaust canopy for connection to the exhaust ductwork and an airflow alarm monitor for the exhaust airflow that features audible and visual alarms. Exhausted models are typically used for cytotoxic work or when other harmful contaminants are used within the hood and are not to be recirculated back into the laboratory.
Cabinets feature a hinged face shield constructed of safety glass set into a stainless steel frame to guarantee proper airflow at all times. The interior of the cabinet is constructed from 16-gauge Type 304 stainless steel. Cabinets feature a removable dished work surface with integral front air intake airfoil. Beneath the work surface is a drain trough equipped with a 1cm ( 3/8") ball-type drain valve. Cabinet exterior is 18-gauge cold-rolled stainless steel with a glacier white epoxy-coated chemical-resistant finish. Cabinets have one integral UV light, one fluorescent light, light and blower switches, one 115V electrical duplex, and one gas petcock (on the left-hand side). Cabinets feature a 1/2 hp, thermally protected direct drive capacitor-run type motor and an internal flexible air plenum. Cabinets also feature two HEPA filters that are 99.99% efficient for all particles >=0.3um, providing ISO Class 5 (FED-STD-209E Class 100/M3.5) conditions.
Other integral features include a digital motor controller and static pressure monitor. The digital motor controller provides constant monitoring of voltage to the motor, current motor draw, line voltage frequency, and on-board diagnostics. The static pressure monitor reports the static condition of the integral filter systems both visually and audibly with an alarm feature in the event of pressure drop, pressure increase, or motor failure. Fully electronic control panel features a soft-touch keypad with on/off indicators on all switches, dual processor controls, LVS (Low Voltage Stabilization) circuitry, and calibrated linear static pressure LED display complete with high/low audible and visual alarm feature and mute function.
Ordering Information: Manufacturer's three-year warranty. Units include a 3.1m (10') three-wire cord with plug.

This is only for Microzone, Model BK-2-6. It may differ from the image shown in color, features, may be an accessory, etc. Please refer to the model number or contact us if you have any questions.

Noise Level: <62 dBA

Electrical: 115V, 60Hz, 12A

Categorization: Fume Hoods > Laminar Flow Cabinets > BioKlone 2 Series, Class II, Type A2 Biological Safety Cabinets, Microzone

Feature 6

Interior Dimensions: 179.1W x 69.9D x 71.1H cm (70 1/2 x 27 1/2 x 28")

Feature 7

Shipping Weight: 526.2 kg (1160 lbs.)

Feature 8

Removable Work Surface Dimensions: 45.7L x 118.1W cm (18 x 46 1/2") for 1.2 m (4') Nominal Width Models, 45.7L x 179.1W cm (18 x 70 1/2") for 1.8 m (6') Nominal Width Models

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