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UltraClean Slides, Plain - Erie Scientific Microarray Slides, Model C22-5128-M20, Pack of 20

UltraClean Slides, Plain - Erie Scientific Microarray Slides, Model C22-5128-M20, Pack of 20
UltraClean Slides, Plain - Erie Scientific Microarray Slides, Model C22-5128-M20, Pack of 20

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Model: C22-5128-M20
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UltraClean Slides, Plain - Erie Scientific Microarray Slides, Model C22-5128-M20, Pack of 20


UltraClean Slides, Plain


This item is sold in units of Pack of 20


Categorization: Slides > Microarray Slides > Microarray Slides, Erie Scientific


These standard 25x75mm (1x3') slides feature the finest substrates available combined with the latest chemistries and surface treatments to produce superior microarrays. All slides are manufactured from the highest-quality low fluorescence glass.
The SuperChip slides are coated substrates designed for microarrays with nucleic acids as probes. Each slide features a consistent, superior surface coating to provide a uniform DNA immobilizing surface for an optimal amount of probe while minimizing nonspecific binding of labeled targets. This assures high density of reactive groups and eliminates virtually all surface artifacts. The amino silane slides are designed for microarrays fabricated with PCR products as probes. The aldehyde silane slides are intended for attaching amine-modified DNA. The epoxy silane slide are for attaching amines modified with an amine end, and the poly-L-lysine slides yield a dense layer of amine groups for initial ionic attachment of the negatively charged phosphate groups in the DNA backbone.
BioGold slides offer a high level of performance through the use of a specialized thin-filmed 14k gold coating, which improves the adhesion of biologically active cells to the substrate and makes it easier to detect each cell's unique light-wave signature.
UltraClean slides feature a pristine glass surface that can be used in any coating process compatible with glass such as silanization and polylysine. The slides provide a high quality "ultraclean" economical substrate for custom surface coating.
Slides with enhanced surface (ES) feature a tighter surface morphology of the glass, which results in a more uniform spot size. The ES surface may be coated with any of the attachment chemistries offered. Because the ES is microscopic it will not affect the function of microarray spotters or scanners. All slides are prepackaged in a secure, no-contact polypropylene mBox slide handling tray, then vacuum-sealed in a foil barrier bag prior to shipping. The mBox unit is manufactured to prevent slide contamination and withstands boiling water without softening. It contains a slide rack optimally designed for easy slide removal and allows immersion of up to 20 slides in liquids during blocking, denaturating, and post-arraying. The mBox tray fits a standard microtiter plate format for centrifuging. The mTub disposable microarray tray is designed to fit the mBox tray. The mTub disposable microarray tray will accept most glass and stainless steel boats.

This is only for Thermo Scientific, Model C22-5128-M20. It may differ from the image shown in color, features, may be an accessory, etc. Please refer to the model number or contact us if you have any questions.

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