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Vicair Wheelchair Cushion - 18" x 18", High Profile 3.5", w/ eight adjustable compartments

Vicair Wheelchair Cushion - 18" x 18", High Profile 3.5", w/ eight adjustable compartments
Vicair Wheelchair Cushion - 18' x 18', High Profile 3.5', w/ eight adjustable compartments

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Model: IT-081537307
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This is only for the "18" x 18", High Profile 3.5", w/ eight adjustable compartments." This item may differ from the image shown. It may contain diffe


HCPCS Code: K0736


Categorization: Wheelchair > Wheelchair Cushions > Air > Vicair Wheelchair Cushions


Featuring newly designed Comfort Cells that are softer and thinner, allowing the user to immerse into the cushion more comfortably than ever before! These cushions are fully adjustable, stable, lightweight and maintenance-free, providing excellent pressure reduction and positioning. The encapsulation of air by numerous, flexible Comfort Cells provides primary adaptation to body contours, thanks to the movement of cells against each other. The Solace cover is designed for pressure relief and comfort. Solace is fluid-proof, antimicrobial and soft to the touch. The multi-dimensional stretch design alleviates pressure on bony prominences and provides optimal skin protection. Cover is included with every cushion.

  • Eight, fully-adjustable compartments provide custom fit with maintenance-free Air Cells.

  • Tapered leg adductors and adjustable leg troughs promote proper leg alignment.

  • Allows for deep immersion to redistribute pressure and to prevent sliding forward movement.

  • Air Cells may be added or removed from medial thigh separator to stabilize user.

  • Split elevated compartments run front to back for lateral support of pelvis and thighs.

  • Five, fully-adjustable compartments offer custom fit with maintenance-free Air Cells.

  • Adjustments may be made to accommodate severe left or right asymmetries.

  • Rear compartments allow deep immersion, keeping the user from sliding forward.

  • Medial band prevents forward migration of the pelvis.

  • Leg troughs may be adjusted to elevate legs to control forward leaning or lower legs for foot propulsion.

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